• Donate School Supplies

    School books, pencils, etc.

    Give School Supplies
  • Donate Farming Equipment

    Every child that enters SGU is taught farming skills to assist in sustainability later in life.

    Give Farming Equipment
  • Donate to the Feeding Program

    Every 7 seconds a child dies from hunger and malnutrition. Help us feed hungry children still living in the streets.

    Give Food
  • Donate Medical Care

    Help treat street children who suffer with open sores, Malaria, T.B. and HIV. Children in need of surgery and hospitalization.

    Give Medical Care
  • Donate School Fees

    Primary School Fees for 1 year. A child in Africa’s biggest wish.

    Give School Fees
  • Donate School Uniforms

    For a small amount you can provide a child with two school uniforms and one pair of dress shoes and socks.

    Give School Uniforms
  • Donate Secondary & Vocational School

    Send a young adult to receive higher education.

    Give Education