Aaron Arwata



Favorite thing about SGU: “My hope is restored. Jesus is alive.”

One Wish: “To be a professional driver!”


aaron’s STORY:

Aaron has had a particularly difficult life. His father was killed by Joseph Kony’s LRA when Aaron was a baby. His mother moved in with Aaron’s uncle but the uncle was abusive and chased Aaron, his mother and his brother away from their village. They ended up moving to Lira to live with Aaron’s grandfather. There they had no money for food or school so Aaron began life on the streets. After a short time, Aaron tried to return to his father’s village but the chief of the village rejected him, calling him a bastard child. In May 2019 Aaron’s mother was hit by a car and killed. This caused Aaron to lose all hope. ““I hated myself and my life and there was no need for me to live. I was rejected, abandoned, cursed, homeless and abused,” he says.

Everything changed when Aaron attended an SGU feeding and Aaron was rescued from street life. Aaron loves to learn. He is now in good health, recovering from the trauma of his past, and thriving at Saving Grace Children’s Village.