Abel Abula


BORN:  December 25, 2003

Favorite thing about SGU: Staying at the nice village

One Wish: To be a pastor in the future

God is: "Good for rescuing me from the street and giving me a home"



abel's STORY:

When Abel was very young during a fit of rage his father threw him against the wall and broke his arm. A short while after this his abusive father abandoned his family. This left Abel, his brother Samuel (who also lives at Saving Grace) and their other siblings to live with their alcoholic mother. After multiple disappearances of their mother, Abel and Samuel went to the streets in search of food. During his time on the streets, Abel broke his arm for the second time and was unable to receive medical care, resulting in an arm that can no longer fully extend. In 2017, Abel was taken in by Saving Grace on the same day as seven other street boys, after two years on the street.

Abel is now full of smiles and is often running around the village, helping with chores or playing soccer with the older boys. He really looks up to the older boys that live at Saving Grace and is learning from their example to be a leader in the village. Abel is extremely happy to now be living in the Saving Grace program!