Alan Omara


July 30th, 2006

Favorite thing about SGU: “I have a hope and a future”

One Wish: “To be a doctor”


alan’s STORY:

Alan was born into a middle-class family in Western Uganda. However, Joseph Kony’s civil war caused his family to flee their home and move into a refugee camp near Lira. This led to extreme poverty and his parents divorcing. His father remarried twice more, each time to a stepmother who caused Alan to suffer abuse, hunger, rejection and excessive labor. Alan left home and went looking for his biological mother but couldn’t find her. He lived with his grandfather for a time but there was no money for food or school so he began living on the streets. While on the street he still did not have enough food, clothes or a place to sleep. He was beaten and bullied by the older boys who stole the little money he made selling scrap metals. He was chased by the police and at one point severely injured his foot trying to climb over a barbed wire fence.

While living on the streets, Alan attended Saving Grace Street Kid Feedings regularly and was counseled by SGU staff. When a new home was completed in May 2019, there was finally room for SGU to rescue Alan. Alan says that living at the Saving Grace Children’s Village is a “dream come true.” He is very happy to be in school and has a bright future ahead of him.