Brian Otim


September 8th, 2006

Favorite thing about SGU: “My hope is restored”

One Wish: “To become a teacher”


Brian’s STORY:

Brian is his parents’ third child but his parents divorced before he was born. His father then became a severe alcoholic and is known around Lira town for being a homeless lunatic. After the divorce, Brian lived for a short time with his grandmother and was able to go to preschool. When his mother remarried, she took Brian to her new home but his step father made life miserable for him and his older sister until he finally sent them away from the home to the streets. Brian recalled his time on the streets saying, “I spent my nights sleeping in ramshackle houses or at times in the bushes for fear of arrests from the police. My time was the reality of “survival of the fittest,” collecting scrap metals to sell, begging and looking for every possible means to eat food. My life on street was one of the hardest times I had, being seriously bullied by the big boys on the street.”

In May 2019, Brian attended a Saving Grace Street Kids Feeding with an enormous deep wound on his hand. That day his wound was attended to and he was rescued out of street life. Although he was just expecting to receive a meal, Brian’s life was changed forever. “I had always dreamt for a good future, and on this day I started to see that come true with my hope being restored,” he says. Brian is very athletic and extroverted. He smiles often and cares deeply for his friends.