Daniel Ageno

Daniel Ageno-2.jpg

BORN: January 4, 2004

Favorite thing about SGU: Helping wash clothes

One Wish: To work with water

God is: "(has) made me alive!"

Favorite Bible Verse: "You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." - John 14:14


daniel's STORY:

Daniel’s father abandoned his family when he was very young, leaving Daniel with his mother and siblings. Daniel’s mother did not have a job nor the means to support her 7 children, so nine year old Daniel was forced to move to the streets and look for food to survive. Daniel struggled to survive on the streets for four years until 2017 when he was taken in alongside seven other street boys during a Saturday street kid feeding.

Daniel is now a happy thriving young man at the Saving Grace Children’s Village. He loves playing soccer with his new friends, and can often be found following some of the older boys around, especially Ronald. Daniel is already stepping up to help with projects and chores around the village all of the time.

*Daniel is already sponsored by another supporter. We would love for you to continue reading through stories and choose another child to sponsor.