Denis Oyite


BORN: January 1, 2008

Favorite thing about SGU: Studies

One Wish:  "Prayers for myself and my life"

God is: "Great for bringing me here and for studies"



Denis' STORY:

Denis’ parents divorced when he was just a year old. Denis’ father abandoned the family so Denis and his five siblings lived with his mother. His mother was unable to provide for her children so Denis’ two other brothers moved to the streets. In 2016 Denis’ mother passed away so Denis and his brother Ivan (also at Saving Grace) moved in with their aunt. Because their aunt, also a single mother, could not provide for them, Denis and Ivan moved to the streets to find food.

After one year on the street, Saving Grace found Denis in 2017. Denis is a happy soul. He is often found playing with playing make-believe and silly made up games with Donald at the Saving Grace Children’s Village. He loves hugs and enjoys playing football and playing tag with his friends around the village. Denis is living a life filled with purpose.