Donald Otit


BORN: 2010

Favorite thing about SGU: Cooking bread

One Wish: "I don't wish for anything"

God is: "Good"

Favorite Bible Verse: "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." - Proverbs 1:7


donald's STORY:

Donald is one of the youngest children in the Saving Grace program. Life on the streets for him began at age 3. His mother, a prostitute, unsuccessfully tried to abort him and after giving birth to him threw him in a trash pile. An old woman found him and took him to an orphan nursery but after three years he was sent back to the woman. She had no resources to care for him so he had to turn to the streets to look for food. The streets are dangerous for any child, but at age 3 Donald was at an even greater risk than most.

By the grace of God Uncle Fred found Donald through the help and urging of other boys living on the streets. Today he has a loving housemother and many Saving Grace brothers and sisters to look after him. When you ask Donald where he is from he will tell you he is American. He loves taking pictures (especially selfies) and thinks snacks are the very best (especially Pringles!). He loves to take photos and would do that all day instead of school if he was allowed. Donald loves school and is continuing to receive healing through the grace of God.

*Donald is already sponsored by another supporter. We would love for you to continue reading through stories and choose another child to sponsor.