Ivan Ogwang


March 26th, 2010

Favorite thing about SGU: “I have parents and am cared for”

One Wish: “I want to be a doctor”


ivan’s STORY:

Ivan never knew his father and his mother died of HIV AIDS when he was very young. His mother left him in the care of his aunt but she has her own children and she saw Ivan as an extra burden. Because Ivan is HIV positive, his extended family was afraid to take care of him and treatment for his illness was not consistent. After being frequently moved from broken home to abusive home, Ivan decided to flee to the streets. There, Ivan only found more rejection. “Life on the streets was terrible and hard. The lack of food and clothes, sleeping in ramshackle buildings, begging for survival; moving from street to street, made it a more of an impossible thing to dream of a better future. The worst part was that I had bruises all over my body and being harassed and abused made it harder to even associate with friends. Being rejected and bullied by old boys left me lonely all the time,” says Ivan.

Ivan was rescued by Saving Grace in Uganda in May 2019 after one year of street life. His health is gradually improving with proper medication and improved nutrition. Ivan is overcoming his feelings of rejection and loneliness as he is in school and loved and cared for by SGU. We love him so much and are proud to call him part of our family!