Gerald Okao


September 25, 2001


gerald's STORY:

Gerald's mother and father divorced when he was just a young boy. His father later died and his mother was left living HIV positive. Gerald soon turned to the streets to find food for himself and his mother. Street life was very difficult for Gerald as he was beaten by other street boys and was immensely malnourished. His mother is still alive and is very thankful that Saving Grace has been able to provide a new life for her son. Gerald has lived with Saving Grace since he was seven years old.

Gerald is a humble young man who loves helping others in any way he can. He can often be found helping the younger children at the village complete chores. Gerald is extremely respectful and works very hard to help with anything and everything needed at the village. He has a beautiful singing voice and leads the other children in worship often. He also enjoys playing soccer and one day he hopes to become a doctor.

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