Peter Okello


BORN: June 24, 1999


peter's STORY:

Peter's parents were murdered by rebels of LRA when he was just five years old. With no one to take care of him, he was forced to live on the streets for the next four years. During his years of trying to survive on the streets, Peter experienced a great deal of trauma due to eating out of the garbage, sleeping in dangerous areas, and gang violence. Uncle Fred was finally able to take Peter in as one of Saving Grace in Uganda's first children.

His time at Saving Grace has provided both physical and emotional healing, and he now enjoys a variety of sports, including soccer and volleyball. Most of the time when he is at the children's village you will find him playing these sports! He is extremely active and loves being outside playing just about anything that requires lots of energy. Peter is a hardworking young man and hopes to be a lawyer one day so that he can positively impact the political instability of Uganda.

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