Steven Omara


BORN: May 3, 2004 

Favorite thing about SGU: Playing futbol and having a safe place to stay

One Wish: To be a mechanic

God is: "Loving"



steven's STORY:

Steven was born HIV positive. His mother and father both died of AIDS before he was even in school, leaving him to live with his aunt. A single mother, his aunt did not treat Steven well physically and could not afford to financially support him. He was forced to run to the streets in order to survive. On the street Steven had little access to his HIV medication, only taking it when he could sneak back to his aunt’s house and steal it. When his street gang found out he was doing this they taunted and teased him about his condition, making him even more inconsistent in taking his medication.

When Uncle Fred found Steven in 2017 he was in critical condition and immediately taken to the doctor for treatment. Although he is still critically sick and has encountered many complications from not taking HIV medication he is a little boy full of smiles, laughter and jokes. Steven appreciates company and even when he is not feeling well enjoys listening to his friends read him books. He is friends with everyone at the village and enjoys dancing and nightly worship.

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