Our Mission

We aim to provide an environment of love, safety and growth for orphaned and vulnerable street children in northern Uganda by caring for their physical, emotional and educational needs while promoting a life based upon biblical values where they may realize their true worth and identity as intended by God.

Our Story

Saving Grace in Uganda began in 2007, when Alon and Val Bransdorfer were ministering in displaced people camps in Northern Uganda. These camps were formed as a result of the civil war led by Joseph Kony and his rebel army. While serving in the town of Lira, Alon and Val encountered many children between the ages of three and fifteen who had no adult to feed, clothe or provide medical care to them. Immediately following the murder of one of the children by a bread vendor, Alon and Val, with the help of the Kuhn family, opened up the home they were renting to 26 children. Alon and Val recruited a Ugandan man named Fred, a former street child himself, who had already been ministering alongside them, to take care of these rescued orphans. Shortly after that, the Bransdorfers returned to the states to raise funds and that tiny home became Uncle Fred's House, a safe place for many street children. As years passed, Uncle Fred's House became no longer big enough to sustain all the children being taken in, so Saving Grace in Uganda purchased 15 acres of land. Due to the generosity of many supporters, Saving Grace Children's Village has grown to four children's homes which house a total of 50 former street children, and Saving Grace Primary School which enrolls over 500 students each year.


100% of YOUR donation goes directly to Uganda! How is that possible? We have a group of dedicated volunteers who serve Saving Grace in Uganda with their talents, resources and time, making it possible to have no paid staff in the United States. We strive to be good stewards of all God has entrusted us with to care for the street children in Uganda. Our board members fund all of our administrative costs, which are less than 3% of our total expenses. We would love for YOU to join us in volunteering to serve in any way you can think of or by simply sharing the mission of Saving Grace with your friends and family so more children can be rescued out of street life. If you’re interested in volunteering, we’d love to know!

Our Team