Teddy Amaro


BORN: 2004

Favorite thing about SGU: Learning about different subjects

One Wish: To have a family

God is: "A big person who has the answer for everything"

Favorite Bible Verse: "Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts."- Psalm 105:2


teddy'S STORY:

Teddy’s parents died in a tragic car accident. Teddy has older brothers that were able to take care of themselves but could not help her. Eventually she found her way to an aunt's home where she was forced into domestic work and mistreated in several other ways. Every few days Teddy would flee to the street only to find more abuse and continual hunger. She commuted back and forth to the street for 2 years until she was rescued by SGU in 2012.

Teddy is thriving at SGU and enjoys reading, volleyball, octoball, talking with friends, and dancing. She is a leader in the village and can often be found helping younger children, doing crafts and helping the house mothers with any house work including washing clothes, pumping water, and mopping. Teddy is a bright student and is often leading in her classes, encouraging others to be respectful. Someday Teddy hopes to become a nurse.

*Teddy is already sponsored by another supporter. We would love for you to continue reading through stories and choose another child to sponsor.