We're so excited you're interested in visiting saving grace in uganda!


We are thrilled you have a heart to serve and would love to have you join us on one of our semi-annual trips to Africa. Lira, Uganda is home to some of the most loving people you will ever meet and everyone at Saving Grace already considers you family. You will get to experience firsthand the redemptive work of Christ in the lives of the most grateful, faith-filled children. From the moment you arrive you will be greeted with dozens of smiling (probably singing) faces who want to hold your hand and never let go. You will be inspired by their love and encouraged by their faith. Simply the fact that you would travel so far to see these children encourages them to change their world. So if you're ready for this life-changing African adventure, here are some things you need to know:

what kind of work will i be doing?

Projects vary but first and foremost you will be sharing the love of Christ with current and former street children. More than a building project, education program, or resource distributions, your presence and love is the most life-changing thing you can give. You will also be participating in the village day-to-day activities such as reading to children, playing soccer or volleyball, leading art projects, teaching in school and sharing during evening worship. You will also help at Saturday street kid feedings, sharing Christ with children that are still living on the streets of Lira.

What is the cost of a Saving Grace in Uganda Trip?

The cost is $3,000. This covers your airfare, land travel, travel Insurance, food, housing, your country visa and a safari at Murchison Falls National Park.

how long is a trip?

Our teams are usually gone 14-16 days total. 

Is There An Application Process?

Yes! These trips are wonderfully life-changing for all but at times the conditions are difficult and require patience, endurance and independent thinking. You will be eating food that is unfamiliar to you and staying in a small house with no air conditioning. The culture is drastically different than what you are likely familiar with. We want to be sure that you are ready to go on this challenging trip. We have a few questions about your past experiences and we will need personal references from other ministry partners. We require all travelers to be over eighteen years of age and in good health.

Where do SGU participants stay? What are the conditions like?

You will be staying at Uncle Fred's House. This facility is secured each night by an armed guard. There will be bunk beds and separate quarters for boys and girls (or married couples). There is no air conditioning but you can bring a battery operated fan for the bedroom. Your food is prepared by the Ugandan staff which includes a simple breakfast, and traditional lunches and dinners. Bottled water is always available. Mosquitos are plentiful and therefore everyone must take an antibiotic to combat malaria.  Most of the time, there is electricity but bring your flashlight just in case. Flush toilets are not always available so work on your “squat!”

Check out this video to learn a little bit more: