Angelinda Maglin Atino


December 25th, 2009

Favorite thing about SGU: “The Lord has lifted my burden”

One Wish: “To be a nurse one day”


angel’s STORY:

Angel’s father died when she was one year old and her mother died of AIDS when she was two years old.  Her grandmother tried but eventually was unable to provide for and care for her. Angel’s uncle, who she thought of as a father, also tried to care for her. He was able to support her enough for her to attend school for a few years but when he lost his job, he could no longer afford school for her. Seven year old Angel tried to earn money for food by selling eggs on the streets of Lira but it was barely enough to survive.

Angel was rescued from poverty and neglect by SGU in May 2019. She is very confident, patient, gentle, and she speaks very good English. She excels in school and enjoys art projects.