Sharon Nagudi

sharon nagudi

March 25th, 2011

Favorite thing about SGU: “I am safe”

One Wish: “I still don’t know what God is up to…”


Sharon’s STORY:

Sharon’s mother died of AIDS when she was three years old and her father died soon afterwards.  She was left with her grandmother who tried to take care of her. While her grandmother worked as a garbage collector in the slums of Lira, Sharon would wash dishes in the local hotels to eat leftover food. Although her grandmother cares for her, she does not make enough money to provide a home or food for Sharon. Sharon would roam the streets of Lira during the day and sometimes the night with other young girls because there was no opportunity to go to school. Life on the streets was especially hard for Sharon because she did not know the local language due to her parents being from another town.

Sharon was rescued by SGU in May 2019 from a life of poverty and abuse on the streets. When she arrived, one of SGU’s older boys, Ibra, was the only person that could speak with her because he was born in the same part of Uganda. Sharon is a bright, enthusiastic, goofy child and is working hard to learn the local Lira language as well as English. We can’t wait to see what God has ahead for Sharon’s life!