Peace Marrion Asacirwha


July 21st, 2011

Favorite thing about SGU: “There are other girls like me”

One Wish: “To be a teacher!”


Peace’s STORY:

Peace’s father abandoned her and her mother when Peace was three years old. He later died in a car accident. Her mother married another man who was physically abusive to Peace and her mother. “He used to chase me from his home saying he is sleeping with my mother and not me. He would beat my mother in my presence and not support me in any way,” says Peace. Peace couldn’t afford school and instead spent her days on the streets of Lira trying to find work that would pay for her and her mother.  She would wash plates in local hotels or sell water bottles but often she would not get paid for her work and instead be mistreated by those she would work for.

Although it is rare to find girls on the streets of Lira, SGU’s street field officer heard about Peace and eventually was able to locate her. She was soon rescued by Saving Grace in Uganda in May 2019, alongside a smaller girl she took care of, Nagudi Sharon. Peace is an incredibly confident and intelligent young lady. She has great social skills and is protective of those younger than her.