Haggai Onguu


February 3, 2007

Favorite thing about SGU: My friends share their knowledge with me.

One Wish: "To be a doctor."

God is: "Lord of all"

Favorite Bible Verse: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." - Genesis 1:1


Haggai’s STORY:

When Haggai was very young, his mother left their remote village to live with another man. Haggai’s father soon died of AIDS, leaving Haggai and his siblings under the care of their grandmother for a brief time before she died. An aunt took the children in for a brief time but then abandoned them.

Haggai and his siblings began to starve without the provision of a guardian. At a time of desperation, Haggai decided to move in with his uncle who was an abusive alcoholic. Haggai was forced to labor for his uncle who would come home drunk and eat the food young Haggai had prepared. The uncle would regularly beat Haggai and leave him without food.

Looking for anyone else who would care for him, Haggai moved between family members who would consistently mistreat him. Feeling hopeless and hungry, Haggai for Lira to stay on the street. Another street child brought him to a new town but then hid from Haggai. Haggai decided to travel all the way to the capital city of Kampala because he had been told his mother lived there. Although he arrived safely, he never found his mother. He then snuck onto a cargo truck and accepted his life on the streets of Lira.

Haggai had never heard of Saving Grace in Uganda but was invited by a friend one day to Uncle Fred’s House. The first day he attended he was rescued from street life and given a new permanent home with people who love and provide for him. He no longer has to go hungry. Haggai loves his new home. He attends school and is very intelligent. He is quite shy but we know he has a bright future ahead of him.