Innocent Opio


November 6, 2009

Favorite thing about SGU: Staying with friends who love me.

One Wish: "To be a pilot."

God is: "Love"

Favorite Bible Verse: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart…" - Proverbs 3:5


innocent’s STORY:

Innocent’s parents divorced when he was very young. Soon after the divorce, his mother became blind and unable to care for him. Innocent and his five siblings went to live with their father, only to find he had been arrested and put in jail. The siblings scattered and Innocent lived on the streets with one of his brothers for one year.

When their father was released from prison, they moved in with him. However, but he was not able to provide for them because he was an alcoholic and only cared about supporting himself. Innocent began spending his days on the street to find food and his nights at his father’s home to sleep. Life on the street was very difficult for Innocent, and because of his small size he was often bullied by older boys.

In 2018, Uncle Fred was able to adopt Innocent into the Saving Grace Children’s Village and Innocent’s life has never been the same. Since his rescue, Innocent’s hope is being restored. He is thankful for Saving Grace in Uganda because it has shown him the joy that comes from knowing God and knowing he is loved by a family who will always care for him. Innocent has a contagious smile and joy about him. He is very outgoing and enjoys dancing, puzzles and learning. He is so loved at Saving Grace.