Joshua Omara


BORN: May 7, 2004



Joshua’s STORY:

Each child that comes to Saving Grace has a story, and the staff at Saving Grace works hard to find out the background of each child and circumstances that brings each of them to the program. Joshua Omara's story is still being discovered. Joshua is deaf. When he came to Uncle Fred's House for a street children feeding, Saving Grace staff decided to take him in immediately because life on the streets is especially vulnerable for a child like Joshua. Saving Grace is still investigating Joshua's background to learn how he ended up on the streets.

Today, Joshua attends a school for the disabled located one hour away from the Saving Grace Children’s Village. Joshua is an incredibly fast learner and a disciplined child who wants things done the right way. He is motivated to succeed and one day hopes to become a teacher of deaf children, so he can help others just like him.

He never lets his inability to hear keep him from doing things that all the other children do. He loves fellowship time and always claps and dances along with the songs even though he cannot hear them. He is also incredibly compassionate and cares for those that are hurting.

*Joshua is already sponsored by another supporter. We would love for you to continue reading through stories and choose another child to sponsor.