Lazarus Ocilhan


December 25th, 2008

Favorite thing about SGU: “My hope is restored”

One Wish: “To be a social worker so I can help children like me”


lazarus’s STORY:

Not much is known about where Lazarus came from or his family history because he never knew who his father was and his mother died when he was very young. The landlady where he and his mother lived tried to care for Lazarus but under her care he was physically and emotionally abused and had little access to food. Eventually he went to the street to find scraps of food to survive. For a while he lived on the streets with his older step-brother but his step-brother was arrested for theft and sentenced to fifteen years in jail.

Lazarus was rescued from a street life and taken to Saving Grace Children’s Village in May 2019. He’s a quiet boy but very loving. He is cared for so much by the SGU staff and has a bright future ahead of him!