Steven “Junior” Oyita


September 12th, 2009

Favorite thing about SGU: So many great friends

One Wish: “To become a plumber”


Junior’s STORY:

Steven goes by the nickname Junior. When he was just five years old, Junior’s parents divorced due to his father being physically abusive as well as unfaithful to his mother. The father took Junior and his two older siblings to live with him and his new wife. At this new home, Junior’s step-mother subjected him to harsh labor and more physical abuse. One day, after a severe beating, he ran away to live on the streets of Lira. Life on the streets was especially difficult for Junior because he has a foot deformity that causes him to limp.

Junior was taken in by Uncle Fred and SGU at a street kids feeding in 2019 after the completion of the 5th children’s home. Although his parents are still alive, they live in immense poverty and are unable to support themselves or Junior. Saving Grace is Uganda is honored to take care of Junior. He loves doing puzzles, playing yard games, and swinging. He is incredibly kind to the other children and always wants to be around his friends. We are blessed by his presence!