Michael Omara


BORN: 2007

Favorite thing about SGU: Family and futbol

One Wish: To change the world

God is: "Our Father"

Favorite Bible Verse: "You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." - John 14:14


michael's STORY:

Michael's parents fled to internal displacement camp after their village had been burned to the ground by Joseph Kony's rebel army. It was in this crowded and harsh IDP camp that Michael was born. Unfortunately Michael's parents both died of AIDS only four years later. The people in the IDP camp could barely take care of themselves, much less him, so he was forced to search for a better life on the streets. After three years of eating out of the garbage and constantly avoiding the police, Michael was found and given a home by Saving Grace in Uganda.

Today he is growing stronger and healthier and thriving in school at Saving Grace Primary. Michael loves posing for photos- no matter who is taking them! He also love playing soccer and is constantly moving around the village, which is easy because he truly is friends with everyone.

*Michael is already sponsored by another supporter. We would love for you to continue reading through stories and choose another child to sponsor.