A Life Transformed | Jasper

When one of our board members recently spoke about SGU they were asked to give one word to describe all that Saving Grace is and does. He gave the word TRANSFORMATION. This is the story of Jasper whose life has been completely transformed. When you meet Jasper today (affectionately known as Big Jasper at SGU’s children’s village), you meet a humble young man with a quiet but powerful spirit that deeply loves God. You meet a teacher in his first year teaching primary one and two at Saving Grace. He is a leader and a role model to all in the village and always has a kind word to redirect and teach the little ones.

Jasper’s story wasn’t always written this way. Uncle Fred met Jasper when he was a young boy on the streets, only 12 years old. He’d been living on the streets for 2 years, forced to search for food and provide for his family as the oldest son. AIDS killed his father. His mother was living with HIV and addicted to drugs. So Jasper, at 10, took on the responsibility of feeding his three younger siblings. At 12, Jasper’s story changed forever when he came to live at SGU. After going through school with SGU, Jasper went on to University and is now back at Saving Grace, this time as a teacher!

Jasper is currently teaching math and religious education in primary one and primary two. This means he spends all day with some of our youngest ones, 5-7 years old. Jasper is excited about his first year teaching and is so fun to watch in the classroom! He truly cares about his students and shows a level of patience that you typically see in a teacher twice his age. Jasper has a way of kindly redirecting students that allows them to learn from their mistakes instead of just knowing they’ve done something incorrectly.

Big Jasper is excited to be back at Saving Grace and is thankful for the opportunities that SGU has provided. In talking to Jasper you quickly realize that he is so aware of what life could have been like had he not come to SGU. He wants to give back. Jasper became a teacher and desired to come back to SGU and work with the people that helped shape his future when he very easily could have found employment at another institution. He wants to make a difference, and he knows he can do that at SGU.

Thank you to our supporters who believe in the mission of SGU. You make it possible for people like Jasper to experience transformation through your generous giving. All glory to God!