An American Abroad | Part 3

From Laura:

Four years ago I had the immense privilege of coming to Saving Grace and meeting Francis. A little boy that captivated my heart as we fed the street kids every Saturday. I kept a photo of him up on the wall in every classroom I taught in back in the States along with the one on the wall of my house. Typing it out like that makes it seem weird but it’s the only way to really capture the love I have for this kid.

I met Francis four years ago when he was a young boy living on the streets. I sat with the Uncle Fred and some of the team from the U.S. and as we ate lunch asked the burning questions:

How do you choose which kids to take Fred?
How do you make that decision?
The decision that changes the course of lives?
How do you keep up with it?
What about Francis?

That last question was probably the most burning of them all. I’d met Francis weeks earlier while playing puzzles on a Saturday morning as food was prepared for all these boys living on the streets. After having played many many puzzles over the course of my trip I realized that puzzle skills along with critical thinking and problem solving skills weren’t typical of kids in Uganda. And yet Francis was seriously good at solving these puzzles. So much so that we dumped multiple puzzles out all together, mixed them up and then had him solve them all simultaneously and he did it, he completed every one of them. I was officially impressed.