East African Aviation Academy

By Laura Cook.

During holiday break we had the opportunity to take our kids up north to Soroti (about an hour and a half away from Lira) to see the East African Aviation Academy. What a field trip! We were able to see the planes and learn about the science and the history that goes into the Aviation Academy. Quite a few of our students want to be pilots so this was an extremely exciting trip for us!


We learned all about the history of the Aviation Academy, learned about entrance requirements and fees, and what it takes to be a pilot before going to tour the airstrip and the planes in the hangar! After our tour Primary 5 through Senior 4 students were taken to the weather station for a meteorology lesson. This is a huge deal because P.7 students must answer questions about meteorology equipment on their end of the year exam- which most of them have never even seen! So thankful we could take our kids to see and experience it before seeing it on paper.

Now that school is in session again the kids from Saving Grace have had the opportunity to share with their friends in the community about traveling to Soroti over holidays and getting to experience the planes and the science lessons.


Trips like this are not frequent in Uganda and we are so thankful to those of you who make learning experiences like this one possible- THANK YOU!