A Place to Run

Every day is a fight to survive when you’re a street child. The struggle to find food, water and a place to lay one’s head is an exhausting routine. Add the struggle to avoid the violence they encounter at every turn and it becomes a battle to hang on to hope. This month we lost a young man named Isaac Odongo who was stabbed to death by police while sleeping behind a building. He was taken to the hospital were he died of a punctured lung. Isaac had been a street child since the age of six. He survived eleven years before street life caught up to him. It is times like these that Uncle Fred’s House shines like a light on a hill.

Many kids come running to the gate seeking a safe heaven when they lose one of their own. A few days after the death of Isaac, ten children were arrested and taken to jail. Fred spent a good portion of the night getting them released. At Uncle Fred’s House they know they have an advocate, a voice that is respected by the community. It is the only place in town they can lay their heads and sleep in peace.