A Sewing Machine for Fiona

Fiona has an incredibly gentle and quiet soul for a girl who has experienced a tremendous amount of trauma. Losing her parents to AIDS and being HIV positive all her life has not defined her. She is a young lady who focuses on the future and never gives up. With all of the heartbreak she has endured, we are always excited to bring a little light into her life. Fiona’s loving sponsors provided for her to go to vocational school and Fiona worked hard to learn how to make a living as a tailor. Last summer, through a campaign called “Dresses For Fiona,” many people donated wedding style dresses for us to take to Fiona so that she could prepare for a tailoring business which caters to weddings. While she was in school for tailoring, she missed her SGU family but Fred and Kosta took the time to pick her up and bring her back to SGU during school breaks and holidays. Kosta, Fred’s wife, devotes a lot of time to Fiona and another older girl, Sarah. Fiona and Sarah are very close as they were the first two girls rescued from street life and given a home by SGU. They have both benefited greatly from the love, instruction and encouragement they have received from Kosta.

Fiona graduated from vocational school and last month some wonderful people offered to help purchase a brand new sewing machine for her to start her new business. It really touches Fiona deeply when she sees that someone cares for her. Having HIV can be very isolating in a community, even with all of the education there are those who shun people with HIV. She was in the hospital earlier this year but she is healthy now and SGU continues to provide HIV medication for her. Fiona wanted us to thank the people that bought the machine and all of the others who have contributed to her journey.  It tells Fiona she is valued and that’s huge. She is excited to begin her business and become self supporting.

A couple of weeks ago, Fred took Fiona to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, to find the best sewing machine for her. They found just the right machine and ordered one. After a couple of weeks, the machine was delivered to Lira town so Fred went to town to pick it up and bring it back to Uncle Fred’s House. After they put the sewing machine together, Fiona was brought over for the surprise. Fred said Fiona was so excited and full of joy she could not keep it all inside. Fred and Kosta are like parents to Fiona and they were thrilled to see her prayers for a machine answered.

Our many thanks to everyone who made this possible. You have shown Fiona that she is loved and valued by her heavenly Father and you, His children. Isn’t it wonderful to know that God cares for each of us and He provides for us in many ways. We can trust Him and His love in all circumstances.