An American Abroad | Part 1

We are so thrilled to have an American who is passionate about the mission of SGU serving at the Children’s Village in Lira! Meet Laura, a 5th grade teacher from the U.S. with a heart for children and a love for the Lord.

Laura arrived in Lira on January 17th and will be staying through April with plans of returning again in May to stay through late in the year. She first heard about SGU from a conversation with Suzanne (one of our board members) at her son’s wedding. Laura was a bridesmaid in the wedding and was chatting with Suzanne when she asked what Laura’s plans were after graduating from the University of Florida. When Laura shared that she was interested in teaching abroad, Suzanne suggested Africa and shared the heart behind Saving Grace in Uganda. After praying for direction, Laura spent that next summer in Uganda for the first time with Saving Grace. God had planted a seed in Laura’s heart and today, four years later, is continuing to bring it to fruition.

This young woman’s heart for children and students is so evident. She’s excited to introduce some different styles of teaching into the classrooms at Saving Grace Primary School. When we asked what she hopes to bring to Saving Grace Primary she responded, “every student, regardless of circumstance, has the ability and the right to learn – my hope is to help make that happen.” Can’t you see why we’re so excited to have her there!

When we asked Laura what she loves about SGU she shared that she loves the focus on children that are often forgotten because she is passionate about those in society who are overlooked. After her first summer in Uganda, Laura took a teaching job in the U.S. in a low-income community because she wanted to create the same sense of belonging and community for her students that SGU has created in Lira. “SGU does such an amazing job of loving on kids and creating a community where most wouldn’t want to create it, and they show redemption and hope to everyone that comes into contact with them. I absolutely love that message.”

During her time in Lira with SGU, Laura’s focus will be working with the Children’s Village and the Street Children’s Ministry that SGU has. She’s excited to do life alongside the kids through community outreach and development, worship, and helping to continually share the hope and love SGU is known for! She also mentioned how eager she is to be with Fred, Kosta and the girls and to hug each child that she’s missed so much since her last time at the village.

We’d love for you to join us in praying for Laura’s time in Lira. Be praying for her to develop a deep sense of community there and for all the challenges that come with adapting to another culture.

Here’s Laura’s prayer request:
“Be praying for open hearts all around me, for me, for the community, and for every student and staff at SGU so God can complete His purpose through us!”


Stay tuned for future posts updating you on Laura’s latest adventures!