New Administration Building Underway

We’re kicking off this year with some exciting news: a new building on the property! The new administration building is currently being built on the SGU village property in Lira. This will serve as Saving Grace in Uganda’s main office and will provide office space for the ministry director, administer, accountant, and social worker, complete with a kitchen and bathroom!

Many people come to visit the children’s village to find out more about Saving Grace. This building will be a place where visitors can sit and learn about all that God is doing through SGU. In addition, this building will serve as a place to store school records, exams and other documents. This is very much needed in keeping the school organized and operating smoothly as well as satisfying government requirements there.

The building is located at the entrance of the Saving Grace property as to provide identity and to draw in members of the community to seek guidance and learn about SGU. Due to its location, the administration building will be the first on the property to have running water and a flush toilet (Not something you find many places in Lira)!

The administration building is currently being built and will hopefully be completed by mid February! Saving Grace Primary School has been a way to reach the community and bring hope to children and families. Changed lives and the power of the gospel are being spread through this ministry to many in Uganda.

We are extremely grateful for the donor whose generous donation made it possible for this administration building to be built. THANK YOU!