First Participant in the Street Children Vocational Training Program

“The Lord directed my feet to this young man, Jolly Joe Otim, who took over 15 years on the streets. Jolly Joe lost his parent when he was only 5 years old. Jolly’s father died in a car accident and his mother died of AIDS. He came to the streets of Lira with the help of another street child.

Jolly Joe and his wife are both street children and have a 5 year old daughter. Jolly said he would love to train in repairing cell phonesbecause there is such a high demand and feels he can make a decent living. Jolly Joe will begin his training starting Monday, June 27th. Jolly told me that in his entire life no one has ever offered to help him with such an opportunity. He was very excited!”

We are so excited to see how the Street Children Vocational Training Program will bring hope and change to the lives of older street children. Having spent most of their lives on the street, there is little hope that things will ever change for them. We feel blessed to be able to bring this opportunity to them. Please keep Jolly and his family in your prayers, and thank you for investing in his life. If you or someone you know would be interested in this new program and would like to change a life by demonstrating Christ’s love for the least of the least, go to our website and click on the donation button or call 800-655-6821.