Another Home for Boys

SGU has over the past couple of years, taken in more boys than we have room for. When the older boys return from secondary school the two boys homes are overflowing. To date we have over 19 boys in one house and 12 in the other. The Lord knows how difficult this is not only for the boys but for the house mothers as well.

We are excited that Big Jasper, who is attending college to teach primary school, will be returning to SGU as a teachersoon. Big Jasper will not only be teaching but will be in charge of this new home once it’s built. He will care for the older group of boys and those returning from secondary school on holiday break. With God’s help,  our young men like Jasper, who had no hope, are becoming mature, loving, capable Christians who contribute to their communities.

Please lift up this need for a new home in prayer. The cost for another home with furnishings and electricity hooked up, would be $16,000. Please contact us if you feel led by the Lord to invest in this boys’ home.